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Yes I live damnit!

I've been quiet because I couldn't find my phone-cord to hook up down here and I've been sequestering myself away in an ill-fated attempt to get some writing done. I'm obviously not going back to MCA (did ya'll start up again today?) and I don't have a job down here yet or know exactly what I'm going to do when I go back to school, things are... scary right now and I haven't really felt the need to vent spleen or seek council from anyone because I really don't see how anyone can help. Also, think today the medication is off, or I've become immune, which would really suck. Now I've got to go so my dad can rag on me about jobs. See ya kids, eventually, I really will start posting or at least replying again soon, I promise...
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I can think of one way people could help, Call U of M and get information, even if you don't wanna sign up this semester, if you get apropriate phone numbers, due dates, and names, you'll be that much closer situationally and mentally to doing it, and thus increasuing its likely hood. as for jobs, have you thought about that movie theatre?
we miss hearing from you. what's up with the writing?
I really do feel you at the moment. Life tends to be a little confusing.