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Yeah... I think i might've wet meself.

Ok, so if any of you fuckers from Artschool don't know who BROM is, you suck. For the record, this is probably the art that drew me into DnD and Fantasy, held me down, and made me choke on said wonderful fantasy until I became the dirty nerd that I am today (Mmm, visual imagery!) Anyway, this guy's art is fantastic, it draws a lot from Frank Frazetta (he drew Conan for you non-nerds) but has darker, edgier, dare I say it GOTHier tinge to it. It was on a lot of cover art for Dragon Magazine and quite a bit of the DnD books, he even still makes it to a cover occasionally on the new stuff (WotC hired a lot of new blood when they killed TSR). He's published two artbooks; "Offerings" and "Darkwerks" I finally found the latter and bought it so now I have both, wee. Of course, once I've finally caught up and am thinking, damn I should save up for all that world traveling I want to do once I manage to steal my degree, mutherfucker does THIS;

For those who are to lazy to check the connection, he writes a book, and puts over 100 new paintings in it. Goddamn it, PLUS! By October he'll be on tour with it and will be selling 500 limited editions with, you guessed it, an actual signed sketch on the signature page, a signed SKETCH though kids, it's that second word that gets me all fan-boyish more than the sign, because I'm an artist (even if not an illustrator) and having an ORIGINAL anything from my all time favorite fantasy artist kicks ass. I don't care if he doodled a donkey-schlong really, just knowing that only I had that ACTUAL piece of his art would probably have me squealing in joy like a monkey with an empty coconut.

And now I resort to something I rarely truly do, begging. If ANYBODY who can read this is capable of even sending me $5 towards the gods-be-damned $110 the fuckin' book costs I will love you forever, fuck, I'll build you a little shrine or something for the effort. I am so joanzin' over this thing that it's ridiculous and so I resort to the ridiculous in kind. Please send me cash so I can sate the monkey on my back.

IN OTHER NEWS; My writing came to a grinding halt the other day as I got through a few thousand words of a prolouge and first chapter and after nicely laying out the setting realised I'd jumped onto this concept without actually nailing down even a vauge story outline. So damnit, that'll set me back a little. In the meantine I'm trying to pick my drawing back up, and I still suck, but it's something to do. I really wants me metals tools. I really slacked last year for various and sundry reasons, but I really feel the initiative to get back on top of things, course I can't PROVE any of that sitting in my practically tool-less house (believe me i've tried, there are several teensy projects strewn about the house now.). Ah well, things are pensive right now, but not BAD, I think I'm gonna get back to reading now, that always helps me out.

Cheers kids, send money PLEASE!
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