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v. tr.
To seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force and without legal authority. See Synonyms at appropriate.
To take over or occupy without right: usurp a neighbor's land.

Today I won a battle, at a grim, grim cost.
As I stepped into the shower intending to wash the grime and dust off of my body
the grime that accumulates throughout the hard day's (single) course of Antropology
As I stepped towards the washtub, my shadow loomed over the enemy. Blattidae.
A cockroach.

I must've seemed cyclopean to the miniscule terror for no sooner did my shadow loom over him than he started shaking his limbs and anttenae in fear or fury (which I will never be certain). Daunted by the prospect of picking up so fierce a warrior I did what any red-blooded american warrior would've done in the face of adversity, I looked for chemical weaponry. And found it, in the form of "The Works" bathroom sanitizer. I gave the beast a stab of soapy vengeance, he took a ball of sudsy doom in the face it did nothing but sap the strength to wriggle out of his wee little body. Realizing that such a magnificent (if not DISGUSTING) soldier cannot simply be burned, smashed, and flushed, I flooded the tub, and sent him spiraling to the afterlife in as much a kingly fashion as I could. Then I filled the bathub with cleaner and realised that though I had won the battle, dare say the war, I had been robbed of the thing that I had originally sought out. Precious cleanliness.

Damn you cockroaches!
Damn you all the HELL! (or, ya know... the sewer.)
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