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Right, so Spring is slowly seeping back into Memphis. We have our cold days (today was probably 55-60 and seeing as yesterday was no less than 70 that's become cold again) but it's starting to feel like spring again. Vernal ernergy is floating through the air and getting into even my weakling lungs. So how do I, a psuedo-self proclaimed viking celebrate the comming of the warmth? By injuring myself of course! In battle no less! So, story is that myself and my friend Matt both like to spar, me with my bastard sword made of solid hickory, him with a white oak boken. Matt is admittedly better than me (I've lost a lot of what you taught me when I was twelve bro!) but I like to attack and what with all that energy in the air I could really MOVE. Also, Matt and I don't balk too badly at injuries, I took a swat just under the chin, laughed it off, and countered in about as much time as it took Matt to ask me if I was allright. Still, I managed to manuever myself over a pothole (well, actually concrete is sticking UP out of the asphalt but what else do you call it?) and stumbled, well ok, I fell like a ragged sack of potatos. When I came back up and got a good look at it, about a good 6 inches of flesh on my left leg is scraped, and two fairly deep cuts oozing red. So what to do? Keep fighting of course! Let the hem of my shorts spread out a one-inch cut into a 3-inch diameter splatter and go show the girl once the fight was done. Needless to say, I'm having a lot of fun, and REALLY feeling the old sea-wolf roots again. I jump back and forth between feeling "norse" a lot and have even thought of converting myself to the Asatru faith (yeah, the STILL pray to Odin in Iceland) though I've recently decided not to do that until I can actually talk to someone who REALLY practices it. Moreover, I am still feeling it and with the spring it becomes undeniable, so rather than put myself into another pointless religious quandary I've decided to channel it into my art (AT LAST!) for real this time, I've tried it a little before but not to much success, now however I'm making a rune-staff to display my lineage in the futhark (though I realise it's going to say SON OF JAMES about 3 times...) AND I'm making cast-bronze thor's hammers for pendant-like wearing. SO, this shout-out goes to any who have crossed blades or at least butted heads with me and won in the past, man or woman, all who are my friends and respected warriors (of one sort or another) is entitled to a hammer. So if you want one, give me a shout-out and I will make you a unique one, a bottle of MEAD get's you one out of silver (and that's STILL a deal). Cheers kids, or rather...

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